Chinese official says G7 ‘played dumb’ ahead of Pelosi visit

China’s Foreign Ministry slammed the G7 leaders for their statement condemning China’s actions in the Taiwan Strait, calling them “imperialistic”.

Deputy Foreign Minister and Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said the G7 countries were still living in the era of the Eight-Power Allied Forces more than 120 years ago.

“But this is no longer a world where imperialist powers could trample the Chinese people and China could be humiliated and bullied like over 100 years ago,” she tweeted. “It’s time for the G7 to wake up from its imperial dream.”

She said Chinese tensions with Taiwan were caused by the recent visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “in defiance of China’s strong opposition and serious representations.”

China said the trip violated the one-China policy, undermined China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Hua reiterated China’s “firm opposition to separatism aimed at ‘Taiwan independence’ and foreign interference.”

“If the United States continues down the wrong path, then any consequences that ensue will be borne by the United States,” she said. “And don’t say we didn’t tell them in advance. The United States made a malicious provocation first, and China was forced to act in self-defense.”

China has promised to take “strong and resolute” countermeasures in response to such a “blatant provocation”.

Hua said the G7 should urge the United States not to make “such a dangerous, reckless and irresponsible provocation against China”.

“But before Pelosi’s visit, they played dumb,” she said.

She added that the US-led G7 “personifies aggression and coercion”.

“If someone is to be charged with aggression and coercion, the G7 countries deserve it more than anyone,” Hua said.

G7 leaders issued a statement condemning China for its recent actions against Taiwan, including “live-fire exercises and economic coercion”.

“The G7 should not forget that it is unable to represent the global community,” Hua said. “Their views represent only a tiny fraction of the world of nations. As the Singaporean scholar Kishore Mahbubani rightly wrote, the G7…is globally dictatorial.”

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