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Phase 1 of the Port of Victoria rail project at the Texas Logistics Center will see the addition of over 42,000 feet of track, including the construction of three 10,000 foot drop and pull tracks.

Texas-based TNW Corp. and the Victoria County Shipping District are moving forward on a multi-phase rail expansion project at the Port of Victoria’s Texas Logistics Center (POV). Additionally, the branch line and logistics center operator has appointed Jeremy Bush as superintendent of railroad operations for its TXGN and TXR railroads.

In July 2021, the Victoria County Navigation District selected TNW Corp. to provide rail operations from the vantage point and co-develop the Texas Logistics Center.

The regional logistics facility is located in a Texas Foreign Trade and Enterprise Zone approximately two hours from Houston, Austin and San Antonio. It offers over 2,000 acres of development, with access to rail, river and road transport. The facility’s connection to the 35-mile Victoria Barge Canal leading to the Gulf of Mexico is located on the M69 Marine Highway, linking 11 deep-water and 13 shallow-water ports along the Texas coast. It also has over three miles of roads located within eight miles of major Texas highways.

Phase 1 of the facility’s rail project will see the addition of more than 42,000 feet of track, including the construction of three 10,000 foot downhill and traction tracks. Later phases will include storage lanes, transshipment and connections to new tenants. When complete, the Texas Logistics Center will be serviced by Union Pacific (UP) and BNSF.

The Texas Logistics Center “provides a strategic logistics advantage to companies looking to relocate their operations to Texas, and TNW is proud to be part of the port [of Victoria’s] growth,” said TNW Vice President of Marketing and Sales Wade Hoffmann.

Jeremy Bush, Superintendent of Rail Operations, TXGN Railway and TXR Railway

Meanwhile, Jeremy Bush joined TNW as Superintendent of Railway Operations at TXGN Railway and TXR Railway. He is responsible for managing day-to-day operations as well as training and managing employees; ensure compliance with all security procedures; fostering partnerships with community leaders; and provide quality customer service.

With 17 years of experience in the railroad industry, Bush most recently served as Director of Operating Practices at the New Orleans Public Belt (NOPB). He also held various positions at Norfolk Southern (NS) including Trainmaster, Terminal Superintendent and Division Trainer. Additionally, he is a certified conductor and has experience in risk-based leadership training and hazmat sentry training.

“The addition of Jeremy to our leadership team opens up many new opportunities for TNW,” said TNW Director of Rail Operations Bobby Franklin. “He understands what is required to successfully manage and operate TXGN and TXR, and his relationships with Class I carriers will help us continue to grow.”

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