Al’s IPO is complete. The shares offered to the public will be listed on BIST STARS with a base price of 58.50 TL, code “ALFAS” and continuous trading method.

In his address at the bell opening ceremony, Korkmaz Ergun, CEO of Borsa İstanbul A.Ş., stated the following:

“Distinguished Guests,

Today, I would like to welcome you all home to the opening bell ceremony hosted by our Exchange as we celebrate Alfa Solar’s listing on our Exchange.

Alfa Solar launched an outstanding IPO with very high demand, IPO revenue of over 538 million TL and sale to 348,000 investors. This high interest sheds light on the IPOs that will continue in the coming period.

This distinguished company, founded by a family of industrialists and producing solar energy panels, will use the return from the IPO to increase its production and strengthen its working capital. So, in order to share its growth and profitability with its investors, the company today embarked on an auspicious journey in Borsa İstanbul.

Over the past two years, many companies in the energy sector have joined us. They have taken advantage of the opportunities offered by our capital markets to increase their production capacity, invest, export and strengthen their business structures. In this capacity, we have provided long-term financing opportunities to these distinguished energy companies, as well as supported renewable energy and in particular solar energy and sustainability with our investors.

Distinguished Guests,

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this IPO process, all employees of the company and the intermediary institution. I welcome Alfa Solar to the Borsa İstanbul family. I hope it bodes well for our capital markets.

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