According to the Russian news agency TASS, Russia plans to build 51 other pieces of military infrastructure on the Kuril Islands.

Russia reportedly erected more than 30 buildings on the islands even as he is locked in a territorial dispute with Japan.

Last month Russian prime minister Mikhail Mishustin had visited the Kuril Islands and said the country wanted to open a free trade zone (FRZ) resulting in protests in Japan.

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Michoustine was on tour in the Russian Far East and Siberia with the Kuril Islands being its first stop.

The islands were seized by Soviet troops at the end of The Second World War. The two countries have not signed a peace treaty since then ending hostilities.

The Russian Prime Minister, during his visit, proposed to exempt the islands from customs duties and reduce taxes on companies such as the Japanese Foreign Ministry protested against Mishustin’s visit.

However, Kremlin Prime Minister Mishustin said he visits the regions “as he sees fit”. Three years ago, President Vladimir Putin suggested that Russia and Japan sign a peace treaty, but this was not welcomed by Japanese officials who said the two countries should resolve the issue first. dispute.

Japan claims the islands by naming it North territory which includes four southernmost islands, including the other Iturup and Kunashir islands.

According to Japanese media, the decision Liberal Democrat Party were in favor of a quick meeting between President Putin and Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga after Mishustin’s recent trip.

“It is necessary to declare to the Russian side that not only are we protesting, but that we are overcome with fury, as well as to clearly emphasize the inadmissibility of what happened,” said the head of the party committee on the territories, Yoshitaka Shindo, as the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. summoned Russian ambassador Mikhail Galuzine.

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