Plan your food purchases and save money


  Complete overview of your finances 

Complete overview of your finances 

Plan your food purchases and save moneyWhether it’s families of four, girlfriends, retirees, singles or students, most people can probably recognize that a large portion of the income goes to food items. This is exactly why it is also a good idea to have a complete overview of your finances so that you know how much food you have available every month – and that you do not exceed the amount.

Of course, there is a difference between how much or how little emphasis is placed on, for example, ecology, high quality, specialty goods and the like. No matter what, there is always money to be saved if you spend some time planning your trip to the supermarket.

Make a food plan every week

Make a food plan every week

It’s probably not the first time you read it – and that’s why it’s one of the best tips – but it really pays to make a meal plan. For example, you can sit down on Sunday night and put together a meal plan for the following week, which you shop on Monday.

You cannot always use a raw material at one time, so plan your meals accordingly, and use leftovers to make new dishes. This also avoids food waste. There is also money to be saved if you make large portions and freeze portions of these into smaller portions that you can store for other weeks.

You should also keep in mind that the “least durable to” label is only indicative, and many foods can actually last much longer than you expect.

Be aware of your availability at all times

Be aware of your availability at all times

If you have trouble keeping track of how much money you spend on food items on a regular basis, you can benefit from raising your entire available cash amount at the beginning of each month. Thus, you constantly know how much you spent.

Also, impulse purchases are often expensive, so avoid shopping when you’re hungry.

Beautiful “new” internet world

Beautiful "new" internet world

The Internet is without a doubt your best friend if you want to save money on food. Among other things, offersud.dk and eTilbusdsavis are worth gold, because through their search function you can get an overview of a specific food item and in this way can see where you can buy it cheapest. Generally, it is advised to shop big once a week, but you can probably save even more if you have the courage to go to several different stores to find the best deals.

You can also find promotional items that are exclusively organic, keyhole-labeled and gluten-free through the search features.

It can pay off in general to do some thorough research at the individual supermarkets. If you prefer to buy organic, it is probably worth knowing that  25 percent discount on all organic every Saturday of the first month, or that MENY regularly gives the same amount of discount on organic fruit and vegetables.

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