Shanghai reaffirms its commitment to advancing the opening up and optimization of its business environment for investors around the world, as the local government once again holds its promotional event of the year at the highest level during the Shanghai International Expo. Import from China in progress.

This fourth year of the event is themed “Embracing the CIIE, Sharing a Future.” Representatives of multinational, state-owned and private enterprises, professional service providers, foreign consulates in Shanghai, international organizations and investment promotion agencies are meeting at the Great Halls in the North Bund waterfront district today. of the city, where the 2022 Shanghai City Promotion Convention is scheduled to kick off.

“The annual CIIE is an international event that brings together the world’s most dynamic and dynamic business investors in China and Shanghai and also serves as a major platform deployed by the country to promote a new round of opening up and development. high-level economic globalization,” said an official from the Shanghai Commerce Commission. “As the economy recovers under the accelerated implementation of a series of supporting policies, the commission, with all relevant units, will take more pragmatic measures to promote high-quality business development, create a better business environment, propel liberalization and facilitate investment and trade, and create greater development space for various players in the market.”

City leaders will deliver keynote speeches, make promotional presentations and present new policies and incentives during the conference, while several international organizations and institutions will share their views on the latest economic trends in the world and their expectations for the future development of Shanghai via recorded video. messages.

“Shanghai has made great strides in attracting foreign investment over the past five years,” said Zhang Yi, regional president of DuPont Asia-Pacific. “More than 60,000 foreign companies are thriving in Shanghai, and the business environment in the city has continuously improved.”

Present in Shanghai for three decades, DuPont is once again participating in the CIIE this year to present its latest technologies and innovative solutions and explore with its stakeholders how to capitalize on the new opportunities of the open global economy and further develop in Shanghai and China.

With the theme “Innovation, Integration and Collaboration for Prosperity”, the company will showcase its DuPont Shanghai Innovation Center at the CIIE for the first time this year, where visitors can learn more about its local open innovation capabilities for local with a “cloud” of the center as well as numerous success stories in empowering local high-tech startups and SMEs and mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

Optimism abounds as business leaders gather for city promotion convention

DuPont is presenting its DuPont Shanghai Innovation Center at the CIIE for the first time this year.

“Shanghai is not only an open and inclusive city, but also a breeding ground for innovation. Over the years, DuPont has made great strides in the city, benefiting from its quality and ever-improving business environment,” Zhang said. “I believe that with flagship events such as the CIIE and many more efficient platforms, Shanghai will increasingly become the gateway to the Chinese market for global companies and a preferred choice for the global layout of industrial chains. , supply and innovation of multinational companies.”

In Shanghai, where DuPont is headquartered in China, the company has made significant investments, including establishing its largest R&D site outside the United States as well as several application labs serving local needs with latest additions including DuPont OLED Application Lab and DuPont Adhesive. Applications laboratory.

“Investing in Shanghai is investing in the future,” Zhang said.

Deloitte, the world’s leading professional services provider, stressed the importance of the promotional conference and the CIIE as a longtime supporter and active participant in both events.

“As a witness to the rapid changes in Shanghai, especially from the perspective of the government’s constant innovation efforts, which include the launch of the STAR Market with a pilot registration-based IPO system at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the establishment of the Lingang New Area of ​​the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the establishment of the Hongqiao International Open Hub, Deloitte remains extremely optimistic about Shanghai’s business environment,” said Charlotte Lu, Managing Partner of East Region of Deloitte China “The city’s solid foundation for the development of various industries, detailed and refined area/space planning, combined with competitive investment policies, have made it an attractive place for global companies to set up their business and make or grow their investments.”

Beginning its journey to China from its office by the Huangpu River in 1917, Deloitte has since expanded its footprint from Shanghai to a total of 30 cities across the country, offering a full range of professional services covering auditing, taxation and consulting, as well as emerging businesses such as digitalisation, sustainable development of the regional economy and green and bi-carbon development.

Optimism abounds as business leaders gather for city promotion convention

Deloitte remains a long-time supporter and active participant in the CIIE and the city’s advocacy conference.

This year, under the theme “Connected Excellence with Digital Impact”, Deloitte will present a series of cutting-edge solutions developed in-house around two key topics, namely sustainability and climate change, and the digital transformation, at the CIIE.

And the numbers speak for themselves when it comes to Shanghai’s status as a magnet for international investors.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the value of the city’s foreign direct investment rose 11.3% year-on-year to $18.57 billion in the first nine months of this year, while 46 multinational seats were newly created during the same period. period, as well as 17 foreign-funded research and development centers.

Positive feedback was also received at the preparatory events for the city’s promotional conferences held in October in Los Angeles, Frankfurt, London and Osaka. Representatives in these four cities from business councils, companies, chambers of commerce and other organizations all expressed their confidence and determination to invest in Shanghai during the roadshows, which were the first of their kind ever. abroad.