FORT WASHINGTON, PA – () –NewRez LLC (“NewRez”, the “Company”), a national mortgage lending and service organization, today announced that the Company has relaunched its unqualified mortgage (“non-QM”) platform for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020.

“As we envision a healthy and growing market without an agency and without quality management, we are excited to provide options for highly qualified and strong borrowers who do not meet traditional agency guidelines,” said Baron Silverstein, president of NewRez. “With our leading lending platform, we have the expertise, resources, capabilities and sophisticated products to help complex borrowers find the right lending solutions and pursue their dream of home ownership. ”

Through its SMART Non-QM series of loans, NewRez has built a suite of several distinct mortgage products that meet the diverse needs of creditworthy borrowers who might otherwise not meet conventional financing requirements. Those who can benefit from NewRez’s non-QM products include borrowers who do not qualify for qualifying mortgages, such as independent borrowers, bank statements or asset qualifiers, real estate investors, mortgage borrowers. first order, etc.

On NewRez’s specific non-QM platform, the company has implemented an efficient lending process that uses both technology and human interaction, guiding borrowers from product selection to loan closing. Dedicated sales, support, underwriting and operations experts support you throughout the loan process.

“As we grow our footprint in non-QM loans, we are committed to underwriting quality loans that meet our guidelines and pricing models. Our product line is differentiated with various options to meet the specific criteria and needs of borrowers. Coupled with our superior customer service, growing technological capabilities, and end-to-end non-QM platform, every lending experience is handled delicately from start to finish. Our non-QM borrowers will also benefit from our experience servicing these loans with our in-house department, ”added Jeff Gravelle, NewRez Director of Production.

Based in Fort Washington, PA, and with offices across the United States, NewRez specializes in finding the right loan for every borrower. The lender offers a wide range of mortgage products that make the dream of home ownership a reality. Visit newrez.com for more product information and loan application instructions.

About NewRez

NewRez is one of the nation’s leading mortgage lenders and services. As a lender, NewRez is focused on offering a cutting edge product line, backed by a lending process that combines both human interaction and the benefits of technology in an unmatched customer experience. Founded in 2008 and licensed to lend in 49 states, NewRez is headquartered in Fort Washington, PA and operates multiple lending channels including Direct to Consumer, Joint Venture, Wholesale, and Correspondent. The service business operates through NewRez Servicing, the performing loan management division, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, the special service division. NewRez also has several affiliates that provide various services in the mortgage and real estate industries. These include Avenue 365 Lender Services, LLC, a securities agency, and eStreet Appraisal Management LLC, a rating management company. NewRez is a member of the New Residential Investment Corp family. More information is available at www.newrez.com.


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