Welcome to the June 2021 edition of Baker McKenzie’s International Trade Compliance Update.

Here are the highlights:

  • WTO: Covid-19 and OTC notifications; DSB measures; Trade Policy Review of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • MDG: Operation Pandora; News and Events
  • CITES: Notifications 2021/036 to 041
  • FAS GAIN reports
  • Canada: Various regulations and sanctions in Burma; Customs notice; D-Memoranda; MA / CVD case
  • Mexico: Diario Oficial acuerdos, decrees and resolutions; MA / CVD case
  • United States: Presidential actions; cybersecurity risks for the energy sector supply chain; USMCA Environmental Meeting and USMA Free Trade Commission Meeting; AGOA review; use of the USMCA’s Labor Rapid Response Mechanism; USTR recommends HTSUS modifications; USITC investigations; Updates to the aluminum import monitoring system; joint US-EU statement on excess aluminum capacity; CBP Guidance on Technical Changes of 10% of Tranche 3 Tariffs; Continued distribution of dumping and subsidy compensation; CT tuna CY 2021; advance information on the manifest for international mail shipments; travel restrictions to / from Mexico and Canada; lifting of travel restrictions from Guinea and DR Congo; CBP rail inspections; EAPA actions; forced labor WRO; CBP decisions, CSMS messages; foreign trade zone notice; ITAR update proposed; OFAC authorizations; Somalia’s sanctions reviews and general licenses; TSRA FAQ; Sudan FAQ updates; Belarusian sanctions; regulations, opinions and proposals of CPSC, ATF, CDC, FDA, APHIS, AMS, DEA, Energy, EPA, NMFS; AD / CVD cases and decision on the scope
  • Argentina: Boletin Oficial and cases of AD / CVD
  • Brazil: GECEX Resolutions, SECEX and Portarias Circulars; MA / CVD case
  • Chile: Diario Oficial
  • Colombia: circulars and decrees MinCIT and DIAN
  • Peru: Opinions and Resolutions
  • Australia: ABF advice; legislation and official journals, AD / CVD cases
  • China: update of retaliatory tariffs; Export Control Compliance Guidelines, MOFCOM and GAC Notice
  • India: CBIC tariff and non-tariff notices and circulars; DGFT notifications, AD / CVD cases
  • Myanmar (Burma): legal effect of US sanctions
  • New Zealand: Gazette notices and orders
  • EU: Regulations and directives of the Official Journal; TBR Ceramic Tile and Tequila Survey; strategic dependencies; proposal for a regulation on foreign subsidiaries; revised dual-use export controls; non-binding resolution on foreign troops in Ukraine; restrictive measures (sanctions); MA / CVD case
  • EFTA: import / export measures; restrictive measures
  • UK: Information Security Open License Updates; UK launches tariff suspension program; legislation, regulations and restrictive measures; cases of AD / CVD; HMRC documents and ECJU notices to exporters
  • Turkey: import / export regulations and press releases
  • Ukraine: legislation, resolutions, ordinances
  • EAEU: ordinances of the Council and the Council; classification and preliminary rulings
  • Russia: foreign IT companies will be forced to open local offices; sanctioned companies and defense industry organizations may hide information from foreign auditors
  • South Africa: Secondary legislation – tariff and rule changes

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