M’sia should see renewed interest in SPAC listing: Deloitte

Posted on: Thursday 07 October 2021

By: Bernama

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Kuala Lumpur: According to Deloitte Malaysia, Malaysia may see renewed interest in listing Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC). capital than traditional initial public offerings (IPOs). “There is no denying that some businesses have prospered and are doing well during these difficult times. To seize the opportunities, tech start-ups are also looking for another type of fundraising.


“Over the past two months, we’ve heard a growing buzz about PSPC. Announcements have also been made on a number of Southeast Asian (SEA) tech start-ups seeking to merge SPAC in the United States (United States) capital market, ”he said. declared. Wong said that, based on data from Spacktrack.net, the current PSPC trust funds available in the United States that are still seeking a viable commercial merger are around $ 114 billion (1 $ = 4.18 RM). Last month, the Securities Commission Malaysia said it was still reviewing its framework for PSPC listings amid developments in other markets.


In capital markets in Malaysia and SEA, Wong said they have received continued support from retail investors. Although the average trade volume has declined from a high peak in 2020, it is hoped that the average trade volume will increase towards the end of 2021 as the vaccination rate increases for most countries and open businesses, did he declare. In the first six months of 2021, Wong said, Malaysia has registered 14 listings, including two in the main market, seven in the ACE market and five in the LEAP market. They raised around 395 million ringgit with a market cap of 1.5 billion ringgit, he added.


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