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KOTRA attracts investors via the metaverse platform

Participants participate in the KOTRA PINVEST virtual space investment consultation event on December 9.  Courtesy of KOTRA
Participants participate in the KOTRA PINVEST Virtual Space Investment Consultation Event on December 9. Courtesy of KOTRA

By Baek Byung-yeul

The Korea Investment and Trade Promotion Agency (KOTRA) said on Friday that it had organized an investor event offering domestic and foreign investors the opportunity to meet local businesses in a virtual space.

The public agency said it hosted what it calls a “PINVEST” event on Thursday using its metaverse platform. PINVEST is a coat rack that combines “research” and “invest”.

The event was KOTRA’s first investment consulting event using the virtual reality platform. Through the metaverse platform, KOTRA aimed to provide investors with an alternative to attending face-to-face meetings amid the ongoing pandemic.

“The meeting was designed to help investors directly choose the companies they are interested in and have time for in-depth meetings in an independent virtual space,” the agency said.

Not only potential investors and foreign investment firms attended, but there were also around 70 domestic investment clients, including local governments, the Free Economic Zone Authority, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. industry, KOTRA added.

“Through the PINVEST event, which used the metaverse platform, we will strengthen support for the board so that foreign investors can achieve positive results when making investment decisions and operating their businesses,” said a KOTRA official.