“We ended up doing 11 shows for 50 people each time,” Ludwig said. “Without a lot of publicity, we sold all the bookings in two days. It was awesome. But the reality is that we see 40,000 people a summer, in general. Last summer we got to see 500. And we were excited about that.”

In a typical summer, Shakespeare in Delaware Park is performed in front of 40,000 people in total, according to executive director Lisa Ludwig.

Harry Scull Jr.

For the coming summer, Ludwig and his team “went straight to the contingency plan,” she said, fearing that “if we were to build the stage, plan and complete all the rehearsals, it s Then we can only have 25 people a night, it would be a disaster.

Thus, Shakespeare in Delaware Park will be back on the road, presenting the four-act show “Shakespeare and Love”, composed of famous love scenes from Shakespeare’s productions, in 20 different parks and outdoor venues. There will also be a walk-through show, based on “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” with different scenes spread across Delaware Park, and the character Puck as a guide. The main scene will however remain dark.

Ludwig has taken a similar and cautious approach to the quagmire of grant, loan and aid options that theater companies are trying to navigate.

“Last year we applied for and received the PPP loan,” Ludwig said. “This year you can apply for an SVO or PPP loan again. Initially, there wasn’t a lot of information or clarity about SBA grants. We therefore chose the second round of the PPP loan, to which we were eligible and which we received. Me being me and assuming the worst, I thought we should aim for the sure thing, instead of betting on the unknown.

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