• Raises concerns about the current situation and its impact on BOI export industries

The Free Trade Zone Manufacturers Association (FTZMA) has written to President Gamini Senarath’s secretary expressing concern about the current situation and its impact on Board of Investment-approved export industries ( BOI).

FTZMA made particular reference to the lack of continuous power supply, fuel and gas shortages, etc.

It has been pointed out that the BOI exporters are the ones who bring foreign currency into the country and therefore we are very disturbed by the current uncertainty and unrest prevailing in the country due to the inability of the government to supply the commodities. basic necessities to people and employees who are going through hardships.

“We respect our valued employees who exercise their democratic rights in response to such hardship by expressing their resentment in a democratic and peaceful manner,” FTZMA said.

“As an industry collective, we have always contributed to the economic well-being of the country. This is why we believe that the responsibility of a government is to ensure the proper functioning of the industry.

“The current situation in the country is not at all conducive to this. In view of this, we will express our disappointment with the way your government is handling the situation as there is an imminent danger of major disruption due to employee unrest,” said the FTZMA letter signed by President Jatinder Biala and the secretary Dhammika Fernando.

“Therefore, we urge and support the establishment of an urgent and robust recovery path to sustainability and prosperity for the people of this great nation. We look forward to your urgent action to restore normality. This is the fervent hope of a hundred strong members of our association and their employees”, he added.