JACKSONVILLE, Florida, September 9, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Dark Knight, Inc. (NYSE: BKI) announced that Franklin Credit Management Company, also known as Franklin Credit, a mortgage service specializing in non-performing residential mortgages, has signed a contract with Black Knight to implement its full suite of service solutions to support its business growth.

“We chose Black Knight because we needed an innovative technology platform that will help us lower our operating costs as we continue to grow our business as a subcontractor or if we buy loans. and keep them internally, ”said Glenn murphy, COO at Franklin Credit. “Black Knight’s commitment to continually invest in its solutions, to provide innovative capabilities to streamline processes and reduce our costs are the primary reasons we have expanded our relationship with Black Knight. “

Black Knight’s MSP is a comprehensive, scalable, end-to-end system used by mortgage agents of all sizes to manage their service processes, including loan setup and maintenance, escrow administration, reporting investors, regulatory requirements and more. Over 34 million active loans are currently managed on the MSP system.

Franklin Credit will also use a suite of Black Knight solutions integrated with MSP. Servicing Digital, a customer-centric mobile solution, provides detailed, timely and highly personalized loan information on the value of customers’ homes and the wealth that can be created from those real estate assets. Servicing Digital allows homeowners to easily perform tasks and view information related to their mortgages through a simple, user-friendly interface, while providing a platform for ongoing engagement between departments and their clients. Franklin Credit will use the responsive web solution version of Servicing Digital, but it is also available as a native app.

Franklin Credit will also use Black Knight’s Actionable Intelligence Platform (AIP) to improve its mortgage management operations. AIP is a unified data delivery framework that combines Black Knight’s vast data assets, patented big data ecosystem, and enterprise business intelligence capabilities into a single solution. Franklin Credit will use AIP to help measure operational performance, risk and costs.

Franklin Credit, which currently uses Black Knight’s bankruptcy and foreclosure app, will expand its use of Black Knight’s default suite of solutions by adding new loss mitigation and bankruptcy capabilities to its operations. Black Knight’s loss mitigation solution uses advanced question-and-answer-based workflow and automated decision-making capabilities to support operator loss mitigation programs, enabling operators to operators to more easily streamline decision-making and reduce risk through integrated quality controls. The company will also use the extensive bankruptcy capabilities that Black Knight has introduced to support payment change notifications and proof of claim processes. All of these default technologies are fully integrated into the MSP system.

“We are delighted that the MSP system is able to support Franklin Credit as its business grows,” said the president of Black Knight. Joe nackashi. “Using multiple Black Knight solutions that integrate with MSP will also give Franklin Credit even greater power to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve risk mitigation. “

About Franklin Credit Management Corporation
Franklin Credit Management Corporation (“Franklin Credit”) is a consumer finance company specializing in the management and resolution of non-performing residential mortgages. Situated in Jersey City, New Jersey our default service platform is designed to comprehensively manage loans at all stages of delinquency: collection, loss mitigation, foreclosure, judgment, bankruptcy and REO. Since its inception, we have managed over 100,000 loans of over $ 5 billion in main sale. The firm’s mission is to provide maximum value to its clients while fostering a professional relationship with borrowers based on courtesy and integrity.

About Black Knight
Black Knight (NYSE: BKI) is a leading provider of integrated software, data and analytics solutions that facilitate and automate many business processes throughout the homeownership lifecycle.

As a premier fintech, Black Knight is committed to being a premier business partner that customers rely on to achieve their strategic goals, achieve greater success and better serve their customers by delivering the best software, services and information with an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, integrity and leadership. For more information on Black Knight, please visit www.blackknightinc.com.

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