SHANGHAI, November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A report from CRI Online:

The Forum on International Trade Facilitation Cooperation in the Yellow River Basin was held in Shanghai on November 6. Under the theme “Join Hands for a New Journey, Build a New Channel”, the forum is designed to promote the achievements of institutional innovation in trade facilitation, as well as explore a new path of integrated development, openness and cooperation in the Yellow River Basin. Ling Wenvice-governor of Shandong Province and a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Li-FeiDeputy Minister of Commerce, and Han SenChief Engineer of the General Administration of Customs attended the event.

Mr. Ling said in his speech that the Yellow River Basin is an important ecological barrier and a key economic area in China. Located in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, shandong the province is strategically placed to serve as a hub for the expansion of commerce and trade not only between the northern and southern parts of China but also its eastern and western halves, in addition to serving as a conduit to the sea and, by extension, for the continued growth of overseas trade. Shandong Province is ready and willing to facilitate international cooperation with provinces and regions along the Yellow River, with emphasis on technology, equipment, services and infrastructure, and share with them the fruits of green development and low carbon. The province is also looking forward to both strengthening and upgrading industrial cooperation and promoting the formation of new patterns of mutually beneficial economic development. We plan to introduce reforms to gain the support of more national trade facilitation policies, strengthen cooperation with customs authorities and develop multimodal transport with the aim of integrating logistics and government services into a one-stop service model that creates a world-class international business. environment.

In his speech, Li explained that the nine provinces and autonomous regions that encompass the Yellow River Basin cover the east, center and west. China and exhibit a mixture of locational characteristics, including those of coastal, inland and border areas, which taken together create enormous potential for the development of an open industrial ecosystem with distinctive features and advantages. The Ministry of Commerce, together with the responsible authorities of the nine provinces and regions, will continue to promote the coordination of open platforms and stimulate the economic vitality of the whole region. They will also work together to help manufacturers and traders enhance their international competitiveness by using free trade agreements and further promote the construction and cooperation between industrial chains, so as to develop a coordinated portfolio of industries with distinctive advantages.

At the event, representatives from Sumitomo, Qingdao Customs, Shandong Port Group, Xi’an Free Trade Port, Qingdao International Airport Group and other government agencies and companies have engaged in meaningful dialogue and exchange. Twenty-six flagship projects were signed during the forum, involving a total investment of $3.64 billionforeign capital contracted from $884 million and a contractual import value of $1.12 billion.