Like I said at the start, as long as you don’t have a big bass boat with plenty of storage, this would be a nice bag for any other angler. For the kayaker, I really like this in some ways better than a crate. On the one hand, it is easier to access water; just throw it on your back and grab the kayak or your rods or whatever and save yourself a trip. The shoulder straps are top notch and Evolution Outdoor added really good padding to land along the angler’s shoulder blades.

It’s also better than a crate in my opinion because you can turn, grab the bag and move it to the front of the boat to work. Then turn around and put it in the back when you’re done instead of having to stay in a pivoted position while digging into a crate for what you need. But this bag is not only for kayak fishermen, it was also designed for stream waders.

And again, this is a great bag for anyone who co-fishes in tournaments or regularly accompanies friends in their boats. In fact, I’ve been without a big boat for almost two years now and a bag like this is perfect for me as I regularly jump from daddy’s boat, to the bank, to a jon boat, and then back to daddy’s boat. again. And with a kayak on the way, this bag will soon be used even more.

When it comes to a co-angler for a tournament, you have room to pack almost anything you might need without showing up with five bags like some anglers do, which can be a great way to go. controversial to start the day. Many boaters frowned at the sight of a fisherman showing up for an 8-hour trip as if he was leaving for college. This bag helps you consolidate a lot of gear, providing a convenient system for bringing whatever you might need.


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