THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: State police received 63 cheating complaints via online mobile apps offering loans, chief minister said Pinarayi Vijayan at the assembly Tuesday.
Responding to MP KS Sabarinadhan’s appeal motion, Industry Minister EP Jayarajan – who responded on behalf of the Chief Minister – said these complaints were being investigated by the senior crime investigation cell. technology and the criminal branch of the state. Of this number, cases were registered in nine complaints.
He said there are over 400 mobile money lending apps. Once these apps can access the personal data of the downloader, they would provide loans for a short period of one week, after extracting 30% of those loans as a processing fee.
Once the customer is in default, he threatens or defames him through messages. Not only loan applications, but citizens are also tricked through online rummy games. The minister added that the recent suicide in the Thiruvananthapuram countryside is suspected to be one of those cases, which is currently under investigation. He said the state cyberdome will monitor these apps.
In addition, the Social Media Cell, Janamaithri Police and Police Officer Cadets also conduct outreach programs in this regard. He added that the government will also examine whether a new law is needed to contain such frauds.
Earlier, raising the issue through an attention-grabbing motion, Sabarinadhan said the Kerala Money Lenders Act 1958 is an old law and should be immediately amended to incorporate and control the online frauds of the new era. The promoters of such applications which offer loans violate existing laws and deceive citizens by offering loans without credit rating, seeking collateral, checking repayment capacity or even meeting with the client.

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