The company’s Super-Elastic and Press-on-Band (POB) tires are extremely stable and ensure low rolling resistance.

New Delhi: Continental Commercial Specialty Tires has relaunched a bespoke portfolio of rugged solid tires under Continental, General Tire and Barum brands for different industrial applications and customer requirements

The wide range of premium tires under the Continental brand, the medium intensity portfolio under the General Tire brand and solid tires for low intensity use under the Barum brand, combine ideal tire solutions for different customer segments. under the Continental umbrella, the company said in A release.

The company’s Super-Elastic and Press-on-Band (POB) tires are extremely stable and ensure low rolling resistance. The lower heat generation in the tire thus leads to increased fuel efficiency and reliable performance in the most demanding 24/7 applications. The tires are ideally suited for forklifts and other industrial vehicle applications used in production and manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and airport ground handling.

As part of this three-brand strategy, the General Tire Lifter is the super-elastic tire for indoor and outdoor logistics applications with a strong emphasis on durable and rugged performance. Ideal for medium intensity use, the General Tire Lifter is primarily used in up to two shift applications, where the focus is first and foremost on getting the job done without worrying about downtime. tire-related stop.

The General Tire Smooth POB was developed primarily for interior applications where ride comfort and traction are best provided by a smooth profile on hard, level interior surfaces. The General Tire Trac with its tread grooves is designed for applications where a high grip edge is required, such as on ramps and outdoor use where surfaces are more uneven and are subject to rain, and therefore at the risk of wet and slippery surfaces, the statement added.

The new Barum Industry solid tire, which is particularly suited to applications with high cost sensitivity and short duty cycles, has been redesigned for operations that only occasionally use their forklifts or where usage is low. For these applications, the Barum industry will provide the required performance without dropping the user.

The barum industry will be launched globally in the year 2022.


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