Are you looking for the best organic mattress? We don’t blame you, the benefits of organic mattresses go far beyond comfort to sleep.. Organic beds, such as organic fruits and vegetables in grocery stores, are responsibly sourced, manufactured and manufactured, use at least 95% organic materials, and are free of harmful chemicals. Most of the materials come directly from the wonderful exterior, resulting in a non-toxic, chemical-free sleeping surface. And an interesting fact, organic latex foam is actually the sap of tropical rubber trees. It is cooked in a distinctive mousse and the end product looks like a slightly supportive and comfortable sponge.

There is a risk that this will sound like a bad infomercial, but wait. Organic beds are highly breathable thanks to their perforations, are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Unlike traditional mattresses, hybrid latex mattresses, and polyurethane foam mattresses, household allergens such as bacteria, mold and mildew cannot grow in the foam, so natural mattresses do not cause recurrence of allergies.

Some disadvantages of organic latex foam are how expensive it can be and that Solid side On the spectrum. Side sleeper Especially those who want a soft bed. However, it does include options for plush toy enthusiasts who need a cozy organic option, as shown below (or you can also invest in mattress toppers and other comfortable layers to use with traditional mattresses. to augment).

As a mattress expert, I have personally tested over 100 different beds. This is just to give fair advice to those who don’t know where to start when it comes to buying a new mattress. There are many choices of brands and mattress materials. Choosing from recently, I feel like I can’t throw a stone without hitting a new mattress business. That said, it’s important to know what you’re looking for in this age of buying mattresses online, and there is no more traditional mattress, so this follows the rise of memory foam mattress inboxes. of form. to augment.

Therefore, if you are ready to replace your inner spring mattress or synthetic latex mattress with an organic alternative, keep reading. Below are the best organic side sleeper mattresses, the best low cost organic beds and more.

Prices below are for queen size models and are subject to change.

Green Avocado / Melissa Cruse

Decorated with organic certification, the avocado mattress is a comfortable and eco-friendly bed suitable for lovers of a solid bed. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, it includes details such as a padded organic cotton cover and green trim details around the edges. At first glance, the avocado definitely looks like a premium mattress. And because it’s made without the use of harmful chemicals, it doesn’t have the outgassing smells of popular bed-in-box mattresses. Instead, it gives off a natural earthy scent reminiscent of a forest.

The avocado mattress is 11 inches thick and is made from Dunlop certified organic latex foam, organic wool and organic cotton. The base is made from a recycled, eco-friendly and sturdy bagged steel coil. Compatible with all body types, from light to large, but slightly stiff.

If you’re a strict side sleeper, you probably won’t like this avocado green mattress. It doesn’t deliver much when you lay on it, and it doesn’t outline the sides of your body like most side sleepers like. Great for back and stomach bunks and very effective in supporting your back all night long. I rate it around the company, which is 9 to 10 out of 10 on a firmness scale. They have a mattress topper that you can buy, but it adds an extra 2 inches of organic latex. The beds will be a bit softer, about 7 out of 10. If you have a combination sleeper or heavy side sleeper and need this mattress, we recommend a mattress topper.

The avocado green mattress minus the organic cotton mattress topper costs around $ 999 for a twin and $ 1,899 for a California king.

Lindsay Boyers / CNET

Birch comes from Helix, a comprehensive brand focused on consumer choice. The birch mattress is an ecological, natural and organic model. Two layers more than an avocado mattress, it incorporates OEKO-TEX certified Tararay natural latex foam, New Zealand wool and organic cotton from responsibly sourced sources.

Birch, like many latex foam beds, is very elastic and provides great support. Thanks to the pocket spring and latex foam combo, this is the gun’s durable yarn. It won’t sink into the foam here, but the woolen padding on top gives it a plush and airy feel on the top.

I like it because it’s a bit softer than the avocado mattress. I don’t want to take the plunge because it’s never soft. I rate it on a medium or 7 out of 10 scale. This isn’t enough pressure relaxation for most light to medium sized side sleepers, but taller bodies who prefer their side will likely appreciate this bed. .

Birch mattresses start at $ 1,049 and peak at $ 1,799 for the California King.

Plush beds

As you can see from this list, soft natural and organic latex mattresses are a bit hard to find. Latex foam is, of course, a harder material, especially when attached using a pocket spring. However, plush beds are all latex foam beds that are organic from top to bottom and have a customizable hardness profile suitable for most side sleepers.

For starters, Plushbeds Botanical Bliss comes in two different hardness levels: medium firm and medium. For side sleeper and combination sleeper, you can choose my favorite model in medium natural latex. It’s elastic and supportive, but at the same time gives more along the curve to my side, allowing my spine to align properly. Both models of latex mattresses can be used on the dorsal and abdominal bunks.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is made of 3 different foam layers and each latex tile has its own level of hardness. If you think your mattress is too soft, you can change the diaper and adjust the hardness level to your liking. This is a feature that I have never seen in any bed. The installation process is heavier as you have to stack the diapers yourself and put them inside an organic cotton slipcover, but due to its versatility you can skip this feature.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is definitely more expensive than your typical mattress. However, please note that we regularly offer discounts. Prices start at $ 2,299 for the Twin and Twin XL and go up to $ 3,099 for the King of California.

My green mattress

For mattress makers trying to market their products as organic or natural, the bar is high and its price often reflects that. There are many hoops that jump from start to finish to ensure the material is sourced organically and sustainably. My Green Mattress, on the other hand, manufactures all beds in its own family-owned factory, providing low-cost materials that are safe for the natural and organic environment.

My Natural Escape green mattress is 11 inches thick and is made of three different layers. The first is a layer of pocket springs for support, on top of which is Dunlop natural latex foam made from more comfortable natural wool. Imagine a soft, elastic surface topped with a light and airy cushion. It’s not as solid as avocado, I rate it at 7 out of 10 on a company or medium firmness scale.

This mattress doesn’t offer as much support as the hybrid beds on this list and is recommended for people weighing less than 230 pounds. I think the best position for the sleeper is for the back, stomach and the sleeper combined.

Prices start at $ 999 for twin mattresses and go up to $ 1,799 for King beds in California.

Other sleep recommendations

The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to provide health or medical advice. Always consult your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional if you have any questions about your condition or your health goals.


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