Following the Reloaded update for Warzone Season 5, the developers introduced Iron Trials ’84. In this mode, players can earn bragging rights by winning “the toughest Battle Royale mode ever in Verdansk”.

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded has officially arrived, bringing with it significant weapon balance changes, the now-released Numbers event, and new game modes.

One of those new modes is Iron Trials ’84, which is a more hardcore Verdansk experience where players can earn an exclusive calling card. In Iron Trials, you have to “loosen up your mastery of the entire arsenal of weapons” and “prove that you can handle any firefight with any type of weaponry”.

Here’s everything you need to know about Warzone’s Iron Trials ’84 mode.

Warzone Iron Trials Duos end date

Warzone’s Iron Trials ’84 launched on September 16 with tremendous success. It arrived in the weekly playlist updates, and Raven Software has now confirmed that “Iron Trials ’84 Duos will be stay live until 30. ”

There is no confirmation that Iron Trials will switch to another game mode or end completely. We’ll be sure to keep you posted when September 30th arrives, or if Raven provides another update.

Warzone Iron Trials ’84 Rules

Warzone players play Iron Trials '84 at Verdansk stadium

In many ways, Iron Trials is a more competitive version of Warzone. The Gulag are more skill dependent, loadout drops are rarer and more difficult to acquire, and kill time (TTK) has been increased across the board.

Thanks to the Call of Duty Blog and reloaded Season 5 patch notes, here are all of the new rules for Warzone’s Iron Trials ’84:

Operator and kill time changes

Kitsune combat in Call of Duty Warzone Season 5
  • Basic health: Compared to a normal match, the base health of all players has been increased from 100 to 250.
  • Health regeneration: The regeneration delay has been increased from 5 to 7 seconds and the regeneration per second has been reduced from 120 per second to 40. It may be a good idea for players to reconsider their preferred perks and gear.
  • Starting equipment: Players arrive with a .44 Magnum and a Sledgehammer.

The developers have already made it their mission to increase Warzone’s TTK, claiming that it increases “the overall ability to express skills” and allows “more breakouts from impossible situations, moments of finesse, epic performance. and opportunities to demonstrate exquisite marksmanship. ”

They said the Iron Trials 84 health change “is predicted to affect combat feel, kill time, weapon viability, perks, and gear, as the whole game is actually changed! ”

No free loading drops

players receiving load drops in Call of Duty Warzone

Even if you’ve gulagged early and scrambled to find cash and more weapons, you can still be sure that a free Loadout Drop will arrive at the start of the second and fifth circles.

But not in Iron Trials ’84, where free cargo drops were disabled. Staying alive and finding money has never been more important, especially when “the cost at a shopping station has also gone up”.

Players will need to collect and spend $ 15,000 instead of the standard $ 10,000 to purchase a Load Drop in this game mode.

Gulag harder

Players fighting in Warzone Season 5 Rush Gulag

In Iron Trials ’84, the developers revealed that the Gulag is still open, but will focus on individual skills. They also said that “the only thing that stands between you and the redeployment is the agility of your trigger finger.”

Players have already requested that dual weapons and tactical gear be removed from the gulag, and Raven is delivering in the Iron Trials ’84 gulag.

  • No akimbo
  • No semi-automatic or fully automatic shotguns
  • Almost no tactical equipment
  • Light machine guns (except RPD (BOCW)) and all tactical rifles have been removed from gulag loadings

Additionally, if you win your One-on-One, you will now redeploy with the weapons and equipment you had in the Gulag.

No stopping power or dead silence

Warzone Adler runs with dead silence

Players have long complained about the luck-based advantage of the powerful Field Upgrades Stopping Power and Dead Silence.

Raven Software previously reduced the spawn rates of Stopping Power and allowed High Alert to counter Dead Silence, but Iron Trials removes both.

Sniper rifle, stun grenade and medical syringe nerves

Stitch sniping with LW3 Tundra in CoD Warzone

Sniper rifles are among the most powerful tools in Warzone, allowing you to take out targets at extremely long range without getting your hands dirty. However, Iron Trials ’84 made it so that sniper rifles “can only fire a single shot to the head within 30 yards”.

This will likely promote more aggressive play styles for snipers, where they have to close the gap to pull off that ever-important one-shot kill.

Additionally, Stun Grenades and Medical Syringes will also have their effectiveness reduced by 50%, making them less powerful than in normal game modes.

Fewer vehicles

Dirt Bike, Bertha and helicopter in CoD Warzone

A common strategy for surviving in Verdansk is to move around safely with the large Bertha trucks, SUVs and helicopters. However, you won’t be able to do this in Iron Trials, as the only vehicles on the map will be ATVs and dirt bikes.

You won’t be able to crush your opponents with such ease, and you won’t be able to use the vehicles for cover. Raven recommends that you “Plan your drops carefully and rotate early.” ”

Loot changes

Verdansk Stadium 84 from the war zone

You can find all of the game-changing loot changes that are in effect in the Warzone Iron Trials ’84 game mode below:

  • Basic attachments: Common guns will start with an attachment – most to provide their maximum magazine size.
  • Rarity occurrence rate: Epic and Legendary weapons are now harder to find. Players will need to open a few more boxes than usual to find what they are looking for.
  • New rarity – Ranked: Those Black Ops Cold War weapons will appear with a few more attachments than usual – more than the standard five. That said, good luck finding one.
  • Killstreaks: Drop rates have been reduced. It’s time to stop spamming drones and start testing those senses.
  • Cash: Large piles of cash are rarer. Players will need to stay on top of cash recovery if they are considering affording a loadout.
  • Field upgrades: No dead silence. No stopping power turns. Period.
Warzone Iron Trials 84 gameplay

Buy station price changes

  • Armor Pack: $ 1,500 to $ 2,000
  • Gas mask: $ 3,000 to $ 4,000
  • Cluster strike: $ 3,000 to $ 4,000
  • Precision strike: $ 3,500 to $ 4,500
  • Self-resuscitate: $ 4000 to $ 5000
  • UAV: $ 4,000 to $ 6,000
  • Load drop marker: $ 10,000 to $ 15,000

The buying station not only has adjusted prices, but also gives players the option to purchase the Specialist Perk bonus. This will make players fall back a huge $ 50,000, so you’ll do well to acquire one in a game.

  • Supply Races discounts are now 50% on all items except Team Redeployment (100%), Cargo Drop Marker (10%), and Specialist Token (10%) .
  • The Hardline Perk now offers a 25% discount on every item, except Self-Resuscitate (20%), Load Drop Marker (10%), and Specialist Token (20%).

Contract price changes

  • Acknowledgement : $ 1,100
  • Scavenger: $ 1,600
  • Premium: $ 2,500
  • Supply stroke: $ 1,200

Warzone Iron Trials ’84 Reward

To win a game of Iron Trials ’84, players can get their hands on a Exclusive calling card.

The developers have stated that “there is no participation trophy for this mode” and that only those who win the Iron Trials will receive the calling card.

Will Iron Trials be coming to Warzone Custom Lounges?

Iron Trials has been incredibly popular since its arrival, with many players calling for it to be a permanent ranked mode. There is no confirmation that a Ranked Mode will ever arrive in Warzone, but the competitive scene is expected to receive the new rules in the future.

Along with the confirmation that Iron Trials would be available until at least September 30, Raven Software told YouTuber JGOD that “As for customs… it’s not coming. tomorrow that’s all we can say for now.

So it seems very likely that the Iron Trials rules will end up in Custom Lounges and the Competitive Warzone, but there is no confirmation of when. However, we will let you know as soon as this is confirmed.

That’s all we know about Warzone Season 5’s Iron Trials ’84 mode! With all of these rules in mind, check out the best loadout in Warzone Iron Trials ’84.

Image Credit: Activision

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