By Sami Zaptia.

London, July 5, 2021:

The transport ministry has approved in principle the construction of a transit trade route to Africa and the establishment of a free zone in the town of Kufra, the Elmreisa free zone of Benghazi reported on Friday.

The announcement came after a meeting between Transport Minister Mohamed Al-Shahubi and Guaider Ibrahim Guaider, head of the EFZ. Other relevant actors were also present.

The project will include the establishment of a transit trade route through Benghazi, Ajdabiya, Al-Wahat, Kufra and to Chad and Sudan. Transit trade routes, sea and dry ports must be financed by the local and foreign private sector.

The meeting focused on the possibility of activating the transit zone, the free zone in Kufra, and the need to revive the spatial development of the city, to revitalize it commercially, to link it to the north and south trade, and to discuss investment opportunities in the EFZ.

Guaider reviewed the latest developments, milestones and future plans of the EFZ project and the economic feasibility of it and the area’s linkage with the Kufra Free Zone project. He stressed that by connecting the EFZ and the Kufra Free Zone, together they will be one of the most important sources of income in Libya. They will also provide great spatial and human development for the region, and the project will show promise as a main line of transit trade between the three continents of Europe and the Americas and the African continent.

Separately, Guaider held a meeting the same day with Minister of Marine Resources Adel Sultan, who focused on coordinating a joint team for the installation of maritime industries in the industrial zone of the EPZ in support of the fishing port.

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