MAXTON – The South East Regional Airport is taking one more step towards the realization of its plan to become a foreign trade zone after months of preparation and research.

“During our last meeting, we updated the Board of Directors on the status of this trip,” said Deputy Director Seth Hatchell. “We also met with the Area 93 board and after explaining our initiatives, telling them about the airport and telling them about the County of Scotland, they voted unanimously to allow us to join them. “

According to Hatchell, the next step was to meet with the Council of Government of Triangle J, which sits above the Zone 93 trade zone.

“So a week later we met with the Triangle J Council and once again delivered our talk about the airport as well as what the County of Scotland has to offer,” Hatchell said. “This council also voted unanimously to accept us.”

Hatchell said there was just one hurdle left to overcome and no issues were expected to prevent them from moving forward. Applications have been sent to Wsshington, DC

“We have already sent our part of the proposal to the US Trade Zone Committee,” Hatchell said. “Once Zone 93 submits its game, we wait no more than six months before we get our response. Everything has been going well over the past few months as we worked towards our goal and we don’t see any major issues arising to stop the process. “

Letters of support from the County of Scotland, State Senator Tom McInnis, US Senator Thom Tillis and the Lumber River Council have also already been submitted, according to Hatchell.

“Once this is done, it will hopefully help us create more manufacturing jobs, attract more industry and lower import taxes,” Hatchell said. “We also hope that some of these activities will include golf-related manufacturing.”

Other news

The Gryphon Group recently purchased a 70-acre property located on Airport Road, near Airbase Road.

“The property is the old Unicore site,” Hatchell said. “The airport administration will provide water to the location as well as sewage treatment for them. “

Hatchell also said he was not sure what the Gryphon Group plans to do with the property, but it is possible that offices will be set up and other training operations will take place there.

Further information on this will be provided as it becomes available.

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