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Agracel Rail, based in Effingham, Ill., Established South Point & Ohio Railroad to lease, operate and manage rail services from The Point Industrial Park (pictured).

Agracel Rail Holdings, a new subsidiary of industrial development service provider Agracel, Inc., has partnered with Lawrence Economic Development Corp. (LEDC) to revamp the Point Industrial Park in South Point, Ohio.

Based in Effingham, Illinois Agracel railway form South Point and Ohio Railroad (SPOR) lease, operate and manage rail services from The Point and invest in safety improvements and track modernization. It will market several hundred acres of industrial park sites and work with LEDC, OhioSE and JobsOhio to attract and retain manufacturing jobs in the region.

Agracel Ohio Valley Regional Manager Jason Kester will oversee industrial development efforts.

The Point serves customers in the plastics, metals, timber, petroleum and chemical industries, as well as the transshipment terminal of the foreign trade zone. It offers direct connections to Norfolk Southern (NS) and direct access to the Ohio River. In addition, there is storage for more than 500 cars and a loop track to handle the loading and unloading of unit trains.

Agracel Rail’s partnership agreement with LEDC is based on a portfolio that includes Effingham Railway and Western Illinois Railroad, both in Illinois.

Dean Bingham, President and CEO, Agracel

“What sets us apart from other branch line companies is our focus on developing rural communities and the expertise that we have brought together,” said Dean Bingham, President and CEO of Agracel, who has invested over $ 61 million in Ohio and over 1.7 million square feet of industrial space statewide.

“The Agracel Rail team has extensive experience in rail startups and the expansion of industrial railways.”

Scott Lurkins, Co-Founder and President, Agracel Rail

“Our goal in becoming a leading industrial development and short line company is to improve the overall safety, efficiency and competitiveness of our customers in the marketplace,” said Scott Lurkins, co-founder and president of Agracel Rail.

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