Kujejatou KB Manneh, Gambia’s Ambassador to Cuba, highlighted the relevance of the Expocaribe 2022 International Fair for trade and cooperation relations with her country and others on the African continent.

As a space for business learning and negotiation, she described the event that ended in Cuba on Sunday and said she would return in June 2023, after learning about the potential and opportunities of the foreign trade and foreign investment in the eastern region, the production and export of medicines, the advantages of multi-destination tourism and Cuba’s strengths in dealing with climate change.

For his nation, made up of 60 percent young creatives and innovators, the event is of great importance, as they could find a secure market for their products in the Caribbean, also to the advantage of the geographical location of the Gambia on the Atlantic Ocean, she said in an exclusive interview with the Cuban News Agency (ACN).

She mentioned the possibilities of exporting goods and services for the benefit of the two regions of the world and foreign investment in the eastern zone, in particular multi-destination tourism, which requires an efficient maritime transport system, hence the intention that the holder of the branch of the African country visits the island, in order to finalize joint projects in this field.

The diplomat expressed his interest in the biopharmaceutical sector, in accordance with the experience of the largest of the Antilles in this field, and underlined the purpose of helping with the raw material necessary for these productions, since access to the international market is difficult for Cuba. by the American economic, commercial and financial blockade.

She expressed the delivery of a report to her government on what was seen at the Fair and they will also transmit it to the African Union (AU), due to the importance for her of strengthening the link with the Caribbean. and the promotion of South Africa. Southern Cooperation.

In this regard, she hinted at the intention to sign a memorandum with the University of Oriente, located in this city, for the development of agriculture in the province, and then to extend it to others in the region, such as the one with the high studies of HavanaMaison in matters of health.

She also praised the archipelago’s preparation for natural disasters -the subject of another panel at Expocaribe 2022-, in particular the capacity for prevention and recovery after their occurrence, and stressed that her country should learn and exchange with the island on creating conditions to cope with long periods of drought, one of its main problems.

On May 19, 1979, diplomatic relations were established between Cuba and Gambia, which are strengthened by the presence of Caribbean health professionals in the African nation, who contribute to the care of its inhabitants and the training of specialists in the University of Banjul, its capital.

The largest of the Antilles also receives Gambian support in the international sphere in various multilateral affairs, and in the fight for the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States, imposed for six decades.

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