Here, Mr. Joey Peralta, Product Development Manager (Adult Care) at Depend, shares five factors to consider when choosing wearable incontinence devices.

1. The lifestyle and activity level of the individual

If mobility is not an issue, a pant-type product may be the preferred choice because it is discreet, less bulky and yet protects against loss of bladder control.

Adhesive products may be more suitable for people with mobility challenges, as it may be easier for caregivers to help bedridden loved ones put on or change.

2. Product absorption

Different incontinence products for adults have different degrees of absorption.

The normal range of urine output for people with a normal fluid intake of around 2 liters per day is around 800 ml to 2 liters, reports online health information provider Healthline.

Mr. Peralta said: “If a mobile senior appreciates an active lifestyle that includes meeting with friends and exercising, my recommendation is to go for a pant-style product that can absorb more fluid and hold back. odors, without compromising on comfort and fit. “

On the other hand, the use of an adhesive product, like the Depend Protect bands which offers up to 12 hours of absorption, may be more suitable for nighttime use so that the wearer can enjoy uninterrupted sleep. , he added.

3. The right size

When selecting the right size for a band or pant type incontinence product, Mr. Peralta advised using hip measurements as shown on the package.

While it may be tempting to choose a larger size product assuming it is more comfortable, it can actually lead to leaks. Conversely, choosing a size that is too small can cause discomfort, skin irritation and poor coverage.

4. Consider the cost

Evaluate your budget before choosing a product, although it is always important to consider its overall quality, comfort level, fit and absorbency.

While adhesive products may offer higher cost savings per part, users may want to use different incontinence solutions for different occasions.

For example, older people who are less mobile may use an adhesive product at night, but if they are going out for a family dinner or a medical appointment, they may switch to the pant-style option for convenience and ease of use. ‘use when navigating in public toilets.

5. Comfort matters

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